Registrations are being accepted for the following 2019 NSA Sanctioned Tournaments. You may register online by clicking on the tournament name and completing the online registration form. Be sure to print out a copy of the confirmation that pops up after clicking on Register -- this is your only proof that you completed the registration process.

Online registration holds your spot for 14 days ONLY at which time a non-refundable deposit is due to in order for us to continue to hold your spot. YOUR SPOT WILL BE RELEASED IF A NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $100 IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF REGISTRATION. Our tournaments fill up quickly and we will no longer hold spots without a deposit beyond the 14 day period. Tournaments are filled on a first come, first served basis. All teams must register with NSA and obtain a 2019 Sanction in order to participate in any NSA tournament. You can enter "pending" into the box requesting your sanction number as long as you have completed the NSA sanction form online at and you have mailed in your $30 registration fee. This will allow you to register for our tournaments before receiving your 2019 sanction number.

NSA now requires all teams to carry NSA's Westpoint Insurance. Tournament listed on include a weekend tournament insurance policy in the entry fee for teams that do not already have Westpoint Insurance. This insurance only covers teams during the tournament it was purchased for and only at the tournament venue. No other coverage is provided.

NOTE: Northeast NSA schedules two umpires for every game at every "Class A" and "Open" sanctioned tournament, regardless of the age division. Class B tournaments may use one umpire for round robin play.

NOTE: Venues are subject to change.

NOTE: Class C teams are not eligible to enter a Class A or Class B or "Open" tournaments. They may only participate in Class C designated tournaments.

Please call Cheryl at (978) 937-5515 if you have any questions.

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Entry Fee:
Due By:

  NSA Start of Summer
Tournament Closed
Deposits Are Due Within 14 Days
June 7-9, 2019
Methuen, MA
Mary McDonough
(978) 273-0921
4 Game Guarantee
2019 NSA World Series
6-8 Teams Per Age Division
May 7, 2019

Northeast NSA LLC
88 11th Street
Lowell, MA  01850
(978) 937-5515